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Suspended By Meta: How Facebook Harmed 2 Of Our Customers!

Nov 9, 2022 | Study Cases

We Requested Meta Verification, Not Meta Judgment 

We had a process in our company to onboard each customer we receive within the first two weeks. The onboarding process includes: 

  1. Ensuring all the digital platforms belonging to the customer are well established 
  2. Create the minimum required content for each social media or networking platform or even the official website
  3. Verify the business accounts of each advertising platform (google, meta, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, etc…)
  4. Warming up the business accounts if the business is new!

REACH Team does all this work to ensure a great onboarding of the customer and to prepare the infrastructure for a fruitful collaboration. Yes but! Through the exercise, we noticed lately that verification of the business account by Meta has become a curse.

From Managing Campaigns To Solving Meta Algorithms Problems!

Our business is advertising. Securing accounts is a practice to guarantee better performance not to become a daily work for our team. Facebook Business verification is the process of verifying a Facebook Business Manager account to confirm that it belongs to a legitimate organization. Meta gives you security factors at each level of your journey using the platform, you can secure your profile, the business account, the ads account, and the page’s fans. We will not consider Instagram apart because it does not integrally function without Facebook ads manager!

Despite all the verification, Meta became a detective. You need more than legal entities or valid credit cards. They check on your website, request your passport, your ID, and invoices, they even consider your personal data like the owner’s history. Your account can be suspended just because you visited a country not liked by the Meta managers. Any of these can be a factor to suspend the business account because the machine of Facebook found it suspicious!

With the weight of Meta in the users’ lives in Turkey, the middle east, and Africa. Meta became a crashing force and exercised a high level of suppliers’ bargaining power over digital marketing agencies. Agencies business have a big part in advertising management! Once you suspend their work, you are threatening them with a death sentence!

Meta Tried To Threaten Our Business Twice! 

We lost our first customer in December and it was legitim because our product was cryptocurrency but Meta banned our tourism account in February 2022 just because the Facebook technical team cannot know why the account was suspended! We had a very bad experience with launching a tourism IOs and Android application operating in Turkey and the Middle east. We spent 2 months looking to solve the problems and meanwhile the customer lost his season! We lost an annual contract just because the Meta algorithm blocked our accounts! 

Suspended accounts and pages for no reason! Meta customer care is rapid but not efficient, available but late; They even cannot give us a clear answer to the procedure to solve the business problem. You get answers from the automated system easily. You meet with customer support rapidly but you receive a solution very late! Because the support team is just an interface to understand your problem and report. They told us: you need to be a partner to be treated well!

Lesson Learned! Our Next Customer Will Survive Without Meta!

Even customers ask for Facebook and Instagram presence as a must! We believe as marketers that means are many. That a marketing specialist by definition is one who chooses the best way to reach customers with less cost and more efficiency. Thanks to our team who created a window through Tiktok and Snapchat to balance the harmful effects of META platforms. Now because of the pressure we undergo, we decided to spend 5% of our customer budget on Meta and 95% on google, Snapchat, and TikTok. We achieve results and we keep the Facebook ads system as a substitute but not the main tool.

We believe in REACH that a machine is a tool, not a goal itself. We believe also that our Team is the wealth of our agency, their solutions, ideas, and efforts count more than any other resources to create sales and generate new sources of revenue for our customers. We are working with our team now to create a committee of auditing digital marketers to help us avoid any Ads platform aggressivity. We also created a guideline for our customers to checklist all the suspension reasons once they feel necessary. To get a copy of our guidelines please do not hesitate to email us at info@socialreachall-agency