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Real estate in Turkey is everything but LEADs generation!

Mar 22, 2022 | Study Cases


They are too many agencies but few are the properties. This is Turkey, thousands of companies work to promote and sell apartments and houses to neighboring countries and buyers worldwide but they are offering the same services and the same promises with the same prices. REACH contracted with BINAA Investment to study the real estate market, define the new trends and lift the offer of the company to create the difference. The study shows that many of the known companies, despite their reputation in the local market, their digital result are catastrophic, and the volume of traffic does not reflect necessarily a success.

Real estate sector in Istanbul: Copy past offer!

Few are companies that consider the market as a business and treat the customer with full package services. The diversity of properties and the availability of a wide range of choices is a rare currency. As much as the market seems to be very profitable, small and individual agents, dare to launch websites and create lead campaigns and compete with big players in the market.

The wheel of luck: no offer and no operation and looking for customers’ phone number

They thought that Leads is the only ingredient to make clients. Local operators look only to collect customer data through lead generation campaigns without structure or the necessary human resources, they use rumor and luck to catch a fish in the sea. The study shows that only 6 companies are leading this sector. The professional Realtors in the Turkish market are “Property Turkey, Imtilak, Right Homes, Istanbul Homes, and Antalya Homes“. They rely more on organic leads, their bounce rate is the lesser in the market and their domain authority is considerable. These companies target countries like the United States, Pakistan, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Bangladesh, Oman, France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and United Arab Emirates.

Call it “anything” but Property Marketing?

Property marketing is not new marketing but it has specificities that make it very different from others industries. A field where you have to convince a client to buy a residential property for $500K or a farm for 1 million euro. This kind of marketing includes branding, positioning, and promotional strategies (advertising and public relations) for new build developments or property resale. But the truth is that the actual operator is 100% virtual. Even virtual viewings have seen a massive growth last year but sill, companies reputation depend on its capacity to make a great public relation strategy and to partner with the market players. 

Shift the plan and innovate

The study we made to BINAA investment shows us the road to make differentiation and to help our client attack the market from another angle. 

New services and new products

We rebranded the company services to reposition the Company in new spaces. We created new services based on the customer’s lifestyle and expectations. We gave a new space for investors in our user experience journey at the website and we took into consideration their needs.


Our team worked in collaboration with BINAA to lift the website structure and create new filters and events offering the visitors a better user experience. Several activities and partnerships were planned and the Binaa team knew what to do through the next year. 

We also discovered during our study that the Turkish regulation and ecosystem allow the creation of very attractive, inexistent, and very marketable offers. If the client succeeds to implement these new ideas, they may set a goal and become one of the market leaders.

Public Relation and inbound marketing

Due to the gap between the actual practice in the market and the best practice in the field. We concentrated our efforts through a creative marketing plan, events, and content creation to generate organic leads and to create trust with our customers. All our activities were inspired by the new suggested motto of the company “it’s more than a deal, it’s a long-term relationship”.

The new real estate agents work hard to get a client’s phone number but they do not make the minimum effort to create value or to solve the customer problems and challenges. Generally, agents ignore that competition is more than a local one. Promoting Turkish citizenship put any of the small, medium, or big players in competition with another citizenship program worldwide.

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