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Lente Optic: medical and fashion e-commerce business in Saudi Arabia

Jan 14, 2022 | Study Cases

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Lente, the eyewear supplier in Saudi Arabia

Lente is an eyewear provider in Saudi Arabia established in 2015. The owner decided to launch its activities online since digital marketing is the new “buzz” word. Lente launched its e-commerce platform using Salla and signed with REACH to market its product.

Our team proceeded into 3 phases; first, we studied the eye lenses and eyeglasses market through audience segmentation and competitor analysis. Secondly, we read all the client’s social media account and Google Analytics insights. Last, the Reach team has developed an offline and online strategy to reach and convert potential clients.

Marketing Eyewear: Here’s what we learned

The eyewear sector risk “Product Cannibalism

We are selling several products serving the exact cause with different technology. Thus, the content creators challenged creating promises without contradicting themselves. Finally, after several meetings with the digital marketing department, the solution defined an intelligent strategy.

Glasses and lenses are serving fashion but also health:

Positioning is a crucial factor of success. There is 101 idea on how to market but none to mix two different positionings. We tried to look after our client’s interest to serve his medical users and his fashion users. All our promotion material has been affected, and we even requested changes to the website structure and users experience to make results.

Killing Facebook and launching SNAPCHAT:

One of the results we had never imagined was to kill the n: 1 social media platform in Saudi Arabia to neutralize the INSTAGRAM and activate SNAPCHAT. Yes, we did it! Not because we like to, but because we read data carefully, and it shows that Facebook is not effective even it is the #1. INSTAGRAM has a current audience coming from countries that we do not target, and SNAPCHAT swipe is more effective to convert clients from social media to website product pages.

Website builders are controversial:

Nowadays, startups need easy-to-use and friendly tools to start, launch their prototype, develop a testing product, or make their employee life easier. We know that we cannot risk revenue to minimize cost when it comes to sales. Selling is a priority since everything else depends on it. Thus a newly established project must do whatever is necessary to make the sales funnel smooth and successful. Using platforms like Salla, WordPress, and Wix presents a controversial challenge toward personalization and performance.

Reach is a partner more than a provider. 

Through our contracting period, we did not limit our mission to execute the promotion tools but also to think, develop and generate ideas to succeed in this venture with our customers. We created content text, images, and videos. We launched new marketing technics. We recommended changes in the website and offline activities that can be able to make a difference for our client