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REACH and AFAK EVENTS partner to empower the ‘FinTech Road Vision 2022’

Aug 22, 2022 | Events, Study Cases

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Istanbul, Turkey,   28 – 29 June 2022, a large number of global banks and financial service providers attended the ‘FinTech Road Vision 2022’ to discuss the most eminent trends and challenges in the banking and fintech fields and to increase their partnerships with FinTech operators.

Being an active partner in the Turkish ecosystem, especially as a part of the international community operating from Turkey, REACH marketing discussed in February 2022 a strategic partnership with the Afak Events team to support the organizing team through its network to attract special speakers, reputable sponsors, and professional attendees.

The event knew more than 50 speakers in 5 main themes:

  1. Forging the future of FinTech & Banking industry
  2. Innovation makes a comeback in the Banking industry
  3. Fintech startups and investment ecosystem
  4. FinTech 3.0

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Thanks to  Dr. Melissa Sassi, a close partner of REACH, who arranged the participation of IBM as a sponsor of the event with more than $120K value. She also participated as a speaker to enrich the event. Furthermore, banks and financial providers attended the event, which creates a fertile ecosystem for startups and eCommerce businesses.

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REACH considers Fintech a principal vein of the market nowadays. Thus we support projects and initiatives aiming to promote and develop the field. REACH offers its customers a unique experience gathering marketing with eCommerce. From reviewing the mixed marketing policies (product, place, price, promotion) to setting goals and plans to achieve good results. The agency provides project owners with full knowledge and know-how about the Turkish ecosystem from a financial, technical, operational, and managerial perspective.
Among the event partners, we found more than 35 partners coming from the four corners of the earth.

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This is why REACH supported the Fintech Road Vision initiative. The event was organized by Afak events and promoted by PR Lines. Thanks to M. Enes ŞEHZADE and M. EL HADI BEKAI


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About the conference

Banks will transform alongside the shifts in people’s work, life, and play. These transformations will also be built into the bank of the future’s effort to improve customers’ financial well-being, enhanced beyond today’s capabilities.


Through the series of events, which are being held in Turkey and abroad, devolved prospects for exhibitions and economic events, Our company AFAK Events LTD itself built a platform effectively and integrated through which offers a package of economic solutions and business to the business community along throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Based on what we offer in the means of establishment of trade fairs and conferences that rely on professional and effectiveness of great service to reach the desired goals of the parties involved, and its effective role in activating the trade exchange between the countries, the role and the historic responsibility rests with those who call and adopts the establishment of these events, forcing them to confirm the level of standards that are supposed be considered and introduced, to ensure that work in the proper manner and purposeful appearance.

So we keep this role and size in mind, armed with partnerships and twinning with our colleagues in the vital area, asking the Lord Almighty for superiority and success.